Sunday, July 20, 2014

LOTD July 20, 2014

SHIRT: BeetleBones - Casual Tees (Green) *Store Gift*
PANTS: Static - Floral Cropped Jeans 
SHOES: Tulip - Weathered Leather Sandals (Army)

HAIR: Ohmai - Sopha (Brunette Pack) *Hair Fair 2014*
SKIN: Izzie's - Olive Skin (Pale)
EYELINER: Izzie's - Olive Eyeliner

More Details:  The Sopha hair gives you 2 options. With or Without birds.  She also have a cute giftie in her Hair Fair Booth.  I purposely wore the skin without lipstick or eyeshadow to show how lovely and natural it is. 

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