Monday, May 31, 2010

In For The Night

Table set for two. Candles burning softly. Romantic music playing in the background. Now all you need is an outfit to make his eyes pop out of their sockets. Well, here it is!

morea Decosta of Morea Style has brought us another stunning outfit. Savanah reminds me of the beautiful lounging sets of the 1940's movies when women dressed well just to relax around the house. The sleek, form-fitting body suit hugs every curve of your shape except one leg exposed from ankle to hip. Off-the-shoulder sleeves are draped with long flowing, lacy sleeves. morea even provided two different styles of sleeves to choose from. Matching flexi pant prims run from knee to ankle, giving the pants a soft and feminine appeal.

Don't want to stay in for the night? Not to worry, because Savanah changed from pants to elegant dress in a click of a mouse. Simply add the long, prim skirt and you are ready for a formal ball or an evening of dancing.

Mayur necklace, earrings and bracelet from Alienbear add to the elegance. Soul shoes from N-Core helps give your exposed leg that extra ooh-la-la!

Whether staying in for the evening or spending the night out on the town, Savanah is ready for both.

OUTFIT: Savanah from Morea Style Evening Collection
HAIR: Love Story in Twilight from Exile Hair
SKIN: Belle sk Smokey Rubies from Belleza
JEWELRY: Mayur set in Black from Alienbear Jewelry
SHOES: Soul Xtreme Heel II from N-Core

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