Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This weekend I went to a party. A REAL party! With people. An 80s party. Naturally, I looked for the danceball. Not being one for the side-ponytails and flippy little skirts, I dressed as Siouxsie Sioux. And I used, as a primary reference point for my makeup, Allegory Malaprop's Siouxsie-inspired makeups from her Langwidere skin line, which proves two things. Firstly, that I've become that much of a nerd that I find it easier to relate to pixels than pictures of human faces. There's got to be a scientific study hidden in there somewhere. Secondly, that Allegory is an incredible artist, which was quite apparent already, but, still, it's there. Because my makeup looked fantastic! My hair was a quite different matter, but that's my own fail right there. My hair looked nothing like this hair. Oh my no.

In the picture, in a half-hearted attempt to recreate my party outfit in SL, I am wearing her newest clothing release, the Stripe Vest. The woman bleeds stripes, I swear*. The vests are flatteringly longline, with a deep V neckline, the stripes on the front following the line of the neck, and vertical at the back. It comes in about 400 colours (actually, 11) striped with black, on any layer your (okay, MY) layer-greedy heart could desire, and the buttons have a delightfully subtle skull-motif going on. The pants are from her red Bixin outfit, and boots are her signature Buckle Platform Boots. In fact, everything I'm wearing in the picture with the exception of the fishnet shirt and the eyes come from Schadenfreude. And I've seen Allegory wearing fishnet shirts! I know it's within her powers! But anyway! Hooray for Allegory Malaprop! Hooray for Schadenfreude! Hooray for Hooray!!

*Please do not attempt to confirm this by cutting her, I'm fond of her

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Schadenfreude - Langwidaire - Cameo - Sin in my Heart, black nail
Hair: Schadenfreude - Cinder (Flipped Tips) - Royal Flush
Shirt: silentsparrow - Mania - Fishnet shirt
Vest: Schadenfreude - Stripe Vest - Ash
Pants: Schadenfreude - Bixin - Red - High Waist Side Trousers
Boots: Schadenfreude - Buckle Platform Boots
Ankh: Schadenfruede - Large Ankh on Leather Thong
Eyes: Miriel - Marine (standard) (No longer available)

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