Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Stuff, New Store, Fusemelon!

Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy has started a great new venture called Fusemelon. This location features hair, eyes, clothing, accessories and jewelry. Being a new store it only has a few items, but I know that this will change soon. Being a fan of Philotic Energy hair, I had to demo these new wigs and immediately purchased 2 of them. The hair color I am wearing is Mahogany.

TWO HEARTS is a cute messy updo. Great for casual or a red carpet event.

SEEKING ME has a cute beret that is color change on touch.

Aemilia gives a little bonus when it comes to demo-ing her colors. This is a cute free hair called TAKEN ALL. Her textures are different from what she was doing at Philotic Energy so I highly recommend trying on the different colors she has.

Last but not least are these eyes. I am wearing the Radiant Eyes in Black Current. She not only has the system eyes but prim eyes as well. This is great if you like the option of having 2 different colored eyes. The eyes also come in 3 sizes. Realistic, Medium and Large. I have the medium eyes on, but if you love anime you might find the large eyes perfect.

Aemilia has set out a special grand opening gift. This gift is placed in a green bag throughout the store. It has a great T-Shirt, Male and Female hair and bag.

is now open for business so be sure to find some time to stop buy and try a few demos!

Other Information: Skin is by Gala her June2 in Pure4 and earrings are small silver hoops by .:NAIVE:.

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