Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Landscape Skins!

It is with greatest pride that I would like to announce my new skinline. Those who know me may have noticed me working diligently on it when I am AFK over the last few months, and today I can proudly state that I am ready to unveil it to the world!

The Vision

In these competitive days of fashion, I realised that it is not enough merely to match your accessories to your clothes. It was woefully inadequate to simply dress for the season. What the top skinmakers of the day have so far neglected to note, with all their exquisite makeups and realistic skin textures, is that surroundings must be matched too!
With this in mind, I seized upon the singular idea of skins to match your environment! You'll be sure to be the most appropriately dressed avatar in your location, and people will fawn over your impeccable style.

Currently, the line includes skins to match the landscape of popular hotspots Glitter Poof Unicorn Sex Island (formerly known as Starlust Motel, and seen above), Cupcake, silentsparrow, Haute Couture, and Akhsharumova, with more to be added in time!

Stay tuned over the next few days for details on how to purchase Nivaya Barbosa's Landscape Skins!

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  1. Oh, yeah, that bug. It happens a LOT to me the past week, and also that my face turns "puffy".