Monday, January 16, 2012

Fur Fun For The Winter

*Disclaimer - No animals were harmed in the creation of the following designs.

As the snow fall outside exceeds 6 inches, I sit here wrapped in blanket and fuzzy slippers and escape into Second Life and the warm and fashionable designs from Tres Beau.

Thank goodness Kimmera Madison released two new designs for those long winter months - FOX TAIL and NOVEMBER.

Fox Tail, shown here in Blonde Mink, is a luxurious mink coat and hat, accented with fox tails, giving the coat a stylish and playful fun feel. Hidden beneath the coat is a must see sheer cami with lace edging along the bodice and the bottom. Sexy leather pants finish the ensemble, adding to the overall warm feel and fashion fun.

Fox Tail is available in 5 lush fur textures.

November, modeled here in Sable, is a beautiful fur texture coat with a pompom tie and matching fur hat. Beneath the coat is a cozy, warm sweater with a cowl neck. Again, the sweater beneath can stand alone as an accessory to any outfit. However, Kimmera didn't stop there! I also fell in love with the high-waist, checked pattern stretch pants, adding another dimension to this stylish outfit.

You might ask where are you going to find the boots to match November? Travel no farther than Tres Beau, for Kimmera added matching boots to the outfit!

November is available in Silver Mink and Golden Mink, as well as Sable.

If you want an outfit to keep you warm and toasty, you love the look and feel of fur or you just appreciate quality designs, head over to Tres Beau and pick up Fox Tail and November today. And if you are like me, you won't be able to decide which colors to buy!


Outfit #1: Tres Beau Fox Tail - Blonde Mink

Boots: PIXELFASHION Sandy Shoes - Brown
Skin: -Belleza- Belle sk Smokey Rubies
Hair: Exile Who Knew/ash
Eyes: Aimesi Eyes Grey
Eyelashes: ***Chaisuki*** lashes 27


Outfit #2: Tres Beau November - Sable (Boots included)

Skin: -Belleza- Belle sk Smokey Rubies
Hair: Exile Who Knew/ash
Eyes: Aimesi Eyes Grey
Eyelashes: ***Chaisuki*** lashes 41

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