Thursday, January 28, 2010

Would You Adam n Eve It?

I live somewhat near London, but not near enough to get away with Cockney rhyming slang. So, I apologize for the title, Londoners. It was wrong of me.
Anyway! The glorious sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve dropped this gorgeous dress on me earlier today! It's a funny thing about Adam n Eve, when I started, they were one of the huge big names in SL, but now you don't hear so much about them. This is a pity, because they still produce oodles, OODLES of beautiful things, I'm particularly taken with their skins, very much worth checking out <3.
This dress is a bit of a departure in style from what I might expect from the store, which is a pleasant surprise. It's also more daring than I normally dress, I think I'm getting prudish in my old age, so it was nice to see my legs!
The Off The Hook dress can be worn in three main ways (I can eke more styles out, but I'm creative!). The first is this sexy micromini dress, with strategically placed fishnet rippy bits, punky but tasteful, the most "shockingly" revealing part is a tiny bit of butt crack showing through the fishnet at the back. I enjoy how it's traditionally sexy, without making one look like they forgot to...y'know. Wear clothes.
This is a dress that can go from night to...well. Later that night!
The second way of wearing Off The Hook is more 'me'. More cabaret-ish. Have I ever mentioned how much I love open-fronted skirts? I should do so more often. I really should. The flexi option is luxurious and cascading and danceable and oh so hot, with a long layer of tulle and raggedly feathery bits, and gently bustley solid panels at the hips and behind. The dress also comes in a spicy yummy red.

Having stripped myself of everything aside from the Teddy Bottoms of the dress, I can show show off my adorable kanji tattoo which I am informed says "Love", a gift instore at Adam n Eve for a limited time, go grab at

Outfit Credits:

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Pale 1} [Fresh-FR] OO
Hair: Pic 1 - Magika - Lady - Red C
Pic 2- Magika - Denise - Red C
Dress: Adam n Eve - Off The Hook - Black
Shoes: Shiny Things - Tuli Pumps - Black
Watch Necklace: *chronokit* clock necklace 'loy' (from Winter Choice! 2009)
Purse (in Pic 1): Prelude - Gabrielle Purse
Eyes: Schadenfreude - Geoflake - TreeFlake Eyes

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